Hornsby Hospital confused about Regrade or Restructure for Admin Officers?

HKH are currently restructuring a group of Administration Officers and changing their positions from a Grade 2 to a Grade 3.

HKH management are insisting this is not a restructure, but instead a simple regrade process. If this is the case, members want to know why they are being asked to re-apply for their jobs!

Your Award is clear – the employer must genuinely consult with the HSU when they propose a change that will significantly affect staff. If you are being asked to re-apply for your job this is a significant change.

If deemed unsuccessful you could lose your position at Hornsby Hospital.

Management are refusing to formally notify the HSU of this change and instead are proceeding to incorrectly advise staff that it’s normal to re-apply for your position as part of a regrade process.

Still not convinced there is an issue? These pages of the NSW Staff Recruitment and Selection of Staff to the NSW Health Service Policy state that the only time the 5% salary difference is to be considered is for staff who are affected or excess following a restructure. Clearly, management is conducting a restructure and misleading you as to your rights.

How should members be managed?

Members should be managed consistently with the Managing Excess Staff of the NSW Health Service Policy. This means you need to be formally notified you are an affected staff member as your substantive position as an Admin Officer Level 2 no longer exists.

If you are currently employed as an Administration Officer Grade 2 Year 2 you should be directly appointed to a Grade 3 position.

If you are affected by this change and employed as Administration Officer Grade 2 Year 1 you may need to go through a merit-based selection process. Management should consult with you about what this means, as you may be redeployed to another site! 

What happens now?

The HSU has written to management and told them that to fix the issue the following needs to happen:

  1. The HSU needs to be formally notified of the change and given an opportunity to genuinely consult with its members
  2. HKH management need to confirm that AO2 Year 2 members will be directly appointed through this process
  3. HKH need to write to their staff and provide formal notification they are indeed declared affected as per the Managing Excess Staff Policy.

HSU Organiser Kym Morgan will be on site this coming Monday 9 October. All members with concerns are urged to speak with Kym while on site or contact her via [E-Mail not displayed] or 0407 917 838.