Hospital Scientist Awards Update

The HSU continues to actively push back against NSW Health Pathology and the Ministry of Health’s applications to vary the Hospital Scientist Awards.

Since the last time the HSU was in touch with members in relation to the applications, there have been significant developments which have put a hold on the formal litigation process. A number of things proposed by NSW Health Pathology and the Ministry of Health still remain uncertain. As a result, the litigation process has been paused to allow the HSU, NSW Health Pathology, and the Ministry of Health to discuss the appropriate next steps.

The HSU understands that the uncertainty and continued lack of clarity of the exact changes to the Awards being proposed by NSW Health Pathology and the Ministry of Health may cause members stress. Your Union will provide detailed information to all impacted members as soon as the path forward becomes clear.

We want to our members to be assured that the HSU is doing everything it can to protect your current and future pay and conditions. You can expect to hear from us again in the coming weeks through mass Zoom meetings and newsletters.

If you know any Hospital Scientists who are yet to become members but want to help preserve their pay and conditions into the future, encourage them to join at