HPEA Bargaining Update: Radiation Therapists reject offer and continue action!

It’s coming to the end of the year, but Health Professional EA negotiations are still underway.

Negotiations have been slow due to a significant delay in funding decisions made by the ACT Government, but some progress has been made in the last few months.

General Claims

Discussions have been ongoing about the need for ‘soft barriers’ to be introduced into the Health Professional classification structure to allow easier transition from one grade to the next. To address this, the Government has agreed to introduce a clause that would enable these decisions to be made during the life of the agreement.

Although this is a move in the right direction, the decision does not address the immediate issues members are facing. The Government has committed to a discussion about how these soft barriers can be developed in the fastest way possible, but this has yet to occur.

Radiation Therapists

After over 6 months of silence, with HSU members taking industrial action to be heard, the Government finally responded to Radiation Therapists’ claim for pay parity with QLD.

Parity with QLD means a 25% attraction and retention allowance, an additional week of leave, a development allowance, and having radiation licensing paid for. The Government offered paid licensing and a 15% allowance.

This did not meet members’ expectations.

This offer would still leave ACT Radiation Therapists on average approximately 20% – or $30,000 per year – behind QLD Radiation Therapists’ annual income.

Members have unanimously rejected this offer and are continuing to fight. On Tuesday 6 November, they once again took stop work action to send a message to the Minister of Health. Members are considering further steps.

Medical Imaging

The Government has included Medical Imaging staff in the offer to pay for radiation licensing, but this hasn’t been agreed by unions. The Territory has also made a commitment to develop work level standards over the life of the agreement.

Despite this, members have made it clear that unless significant movement is made on the introduction of soft barriers in the classification structure, they are unlikely to vote up any agreement.


Congratulations to members for the work they have put into developing work level standards over the past few weeks, placing members in a great position to push for their own soft barrier.

We are expecting to meet with management next week to continue making progress on this claim.

Any other questions or concerns about bargaining? Please contact your Industrial Officer Andrew Gallagher at [E-Mail not displayed].