HPEA Medical Imaging members: Have your say today!

  • Published December 14, 2023

The ACT Government has recently provided an updated offer to HSU members to resolve the ongoing HPEA negotiations.

One of the items they have offered is directly for Medical Imaging staff. The offer is as follows:

  • The ACT Government is offering an ARIN of 2% of base pay for staff in medical imaging classifications
  • In return the Government will make the imaging service Territory-wide and Medical Imaging staff will be excluded from maintaining their one place of employment at either North Canberra Hospital or TCH

During the transition from Calvary to Canberra Health Services, it was agreed that a clause would be entered into the EBA to protect employees who were currently employed at North Canberra Hospital from having their role changed by CHS. The Government is asking that medical imaging staff at North Canberra Hospital give up this entitlement in exchange for a 2% ARIN.

What do you think? Complete this survey by 21 December to indicate your response to the government offer: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/K2YVGJ8

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