HSU calls dispute about New Maitland Hospital

With only 6 weeks to go until the New Maitland Hospital opens its doors to the public, HNELHD are still trying to work out the basics, like staff rosters. The HSU has called time and time again for staffing profiles for each day. In return we are told “it’s like for like with no increased activity”. That’s not true! 

The new hospital is three times the size of the current hospital, so the transporting of patients alone has increased. The HSU also has received documents that indicate security coverage will be reduced. Why are management trying to cut back on safety for our members and the community at the New Maitland Hospital? 

The information the HSU has requested is being sent in trickles, and the most important information on staffing profiles is yet to be provided. So, on Monday 6 December, the HSU formally notified HNELHD that we are in dispute and that they must maintain the status quo.

You can read the HSU’s correspondence at this link.

After being notified of the dispute and that the status quo was to be maintained, HNELHD continued to discuss with members how they are going to be affected by the changes HNELHD are proposing. The HSU again wrote to HNELHD requesting a disputes resolution committee be convened and further information be provided, reminding HNELHD that until the dispute is resolved, no changes can be made.

You can view this correspondence at this link.

Your Union will provide regular updates to members as the situation progresses. If you have any concerns or comments, please get in touch with your HSU Organiser via email [E-Mail not displayed].