HSU HealthShare PTOs are on immediate strike over pay

HSU PTOs held a well-attended stop work meeting at 0900 this morning and elected to take immediate strike action. The strike action finishes tomorrow morning (21 May) on the first shift (e.g., if first shift is 0600 then PTOs should commence work then).

All HealthShare HSU PTOs who are currently working as a PTO are directed by the HSU to cease work and leave the employer’s premises immediately. This means you should finish your current patient and drive back to base, secure the vehicle in the normal fashion, grab your stuff, and leave the premises until tomorrow (if rostered on).

Furthermore, the stop work meeting has placed the following rolling bans from tomorrow morning 21 May 2021.

From 0800 to 1400 FRIDAY 21 May no HSU PTS member is to transport discharged patients. Discharged patients are:

  • No discharges home (included aged care facilities) from a ward or ED.
  • No private to public hospital and vice versa.
  • No dialysis out before 1400.

All other PTO work is to continue during the above time (0800-1400).

We congratulate members for taking a stand on this important issue.

It’s now up to the Treasurer to respond with a decent pay offer of at least 4.7%.