HSU members want to bargain at St John Of God

The results are in from the HSU’s member survey. HSU members have spoken, and it’s a resounding NO to management’s paltry pay offer of 0.8%.

Management’s offer does not compensate members for rising costs of living, nor does it give workers the chance to negotiate real changes to their working conditions. In effect, management has only offered staff 0.3% - as a 0.5% increase to your super is a legally required increase for all workers.

The HSU does not support management’s offer. Our position is clear: it’s time to bargain for a new agreement.

So what’s next?

If management won’t come to the table, we’ll have to drag them. The HSU will be seeking a Majority Support Determination (MSD) to compel SJOG to bargain with their staff. A majority of staff will need to sign the Majority Support Determination in order for it to be successful.

Your union organiser is currently in talks with management to arrange an on-site visit and we will also be hosting a remote meeting after hours, providing members with the opportunity to have your say and sign the MSD. Members will be advised of the details.

Do you work with someone who isn’t in the Union? Ask them if they want better pay and conditions, and tell them that by joining the HSU, they can help tip the balance. New members can join at www.hsu.asn.au/join or call 1300 478 679.