HSU Public Health Division Restructure

I am writing to advise that due to the expansion of the Public Health membership, the HSU is now undertaking a restructure that will put more resources into the Public Health Division of the Union.

Each Local Health District will now have a designated Industrial Organiser, an Industrial Services Officer, a Growth and Development Organiser, and an Industrial/Legal Officer.

Members will be assured of regular workplace representation, additional support for industrial matters and dedicated assistance for campaigning and development.

Each team will work collectively with sub branches and individual members within a Local Health District to support the membership through disputes, campaigns, consultative processes, and training and development opportunities. I am of the view that this restructure will provide improved and easier communication, enhanced member engagement, and a timely response to member issues or enquiries.

The restructure will take effect on the 6th of April and your Industrial Organiser will be in contact with you to provide further advice on the operational rollout of the restructure.

Please refer to the document at this link for the areas of responsibility that relate to your Local Health District.