HSU Win! City of Sydney withdraws unfair parking fines

HSU members at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital who received unexpected parking fines are celebrating a win, after City of Sydney Council revoked free parking without clearly informing members.

Last year, your Union negotiated free on street parking for health workers near the Hospital. When the Council decided unilaterally to end the arrangement in November, they neglected to notify the HSU.

As soon as members contacted us to say they’d received parking fines, the HSU took action. Unfortunately, the Council initially refused to cancel the fines with Revenue NSW, meaning we had to take it further.

By publicising the issue in the media, the HSU clearly showed that members had not been informed that the free/untimed parking arrangements had ceased.

Thanks to HSU intervention, the City of Sydney Council have now withdrawn these fines.

If you've received a parking fine at work in a Council area that is providing free parking to health workers, please email [E-Mail not displayed].

The HSU will continue to fight for affordable parking for all health workers. No one should have to pay exorbitant fees to park at their workplace.