HSU win – Coffs Harbour members insist on consultation rights

The HSU met with MNCLHD management today to progress the dispute lodged by HSU members in response to MNCLHD’s failure to consult on the introduction of a new 24-line roster for Health and Safety Assistants (HSAs) at Coffs Harbour Health Campus.

MNCLHD management has finally agreed to respect the status quo while the dispute is ongoing. This means HSAs have security in knowing their rosters will not be changing from the 22-line roster without genuine consultation taking place first.

Moving forward, the District has agreed to the following:

  • Respecting the status quo (22-line roster)
  • Engaging with HSU members in a process of genuine consultation on the proposed new roster
  • Sharing a draft new roster with the HSU in four weeks to commence the process of genuine consultation.

HSU members will be kept up to date as the dispute progresses.

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