HSU Win: St Vincent's Medical Imaging & Nuclear Medicine Bargaining Kicks Off

HSU members have been united in our fight for a new enterprise agreement, signing onto a petition that has now been lodged with Fair Work Commission to compel your employer into commencing bargaining. And today, members have been successful!

This win means you can move from your 2005 agreement with its below par wages and conditions, to an agreement that recognises your value and contribution to your profession.

Your employer will now issue the ‘Notification of Employee Representation Rights’ which will kick off negotiations for the new enterprise agreement.

The next step is to continue to build union membership to increase the strength of our arguement for significant improvements to your wages and conditions.

Your HSU Organiser Eileen McEvoy will visit this Friday 22 September to talk to members about the process and answer your questions. You can email Eileen via [E-Mail not displayed] to arrange a meeting.

Building union power starts with having conversations with your colleagues about why union membership is important. Encourage them to join and get involved at www.hsu.asn.au/join or call 1300 HSU NSW.