Important CPHB update - Transition to go ahead

The Supreme Court has upheld that the Health Infrastructure Enabling (HIE) Act 2023 is valid. This means that the Government can start the transition process from CPHB.

The Supreme Court will hold another hearing about the Regulations for the HIE Act later this week. Once this hearing is finalised, CHS can begin providing letters of offer to CPHB employees.

Once a transition plan is finalised with Calvary early next week there will be on-site information sessions with CPHB employees. The HSU has requested a schedule for these meetings to ensure members are not left out of the process.

Employee Transition Forms

The HSU provided feedback to CHS that members did not want to put their banking details into the CHS Employee Transition Form as it was from a third-party company. The requirement to enter banking details has now been removed from the form. 

We encourage members to fill out the form as the transition of information from Calvary to CHS will not be an easy process.

CHS say that filling out the transition form will ensure members get their letter of offer before July 3 and will reduce payroll issues.

If you have any questions, contact your local organiser at [E-Mail not displayed].

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We will provide updates to members as we receive them. Encourage your colleagues to join the HSU at to make sure they are kept informed.