Important Update: Schedule 3 Hospitals Vote

The HSU sent you an email yesterday explaining why Schedule 3 hospitals received different questions to public hospitals, on the basis that Schedule 3 hospitals cannot unfortunately take industrial action.

Senior HSU delegates have raised concerns that members wish to share your view specifically on the offer regardless of this. We hear this, and considering these genuine concerns, wish to make it possible.

We will discard the survey you received on Monday which contained only one question. This means that you will need to vote again on the new survey linked below with all 3 questions.

You will note the only word change in each question has removed the wording “industrial action” and replaced with the wording “continue the campaign”. This is because we cannot ask you take industrial action outside of very specific circumstances when your Enterprise Agreement has expired.

Please make sure to have your say:

Anyone who becomes a member before close of voting at noon Friday 28 July can have a vote, share this link for those interested in joining: