Inquiry into NSW Bed Block: recommendations imminent

  • Published December 7, 2022
  • Industries

ADHSU is expecting the release of the findings into the NSW Upper House Inquiry into Hospital Bed Block. 

HSU called on the government to initiate changes that would help clear the block and free up ambulances to be where they are needed, attending emergencies in the community. 

Solutions put to the Inquiry included:

  • Abolition of the wages cap to allow for real bargaining, including for a $100 payment for each time a member is held back on extension of shift overtime due to bed block (on top of overtime).
  • An expansion of the Extended Care Paramedic programme to reduce unnecessary transports.
    Removal of the clinical ceiling, which currently restricts the highest qualified paramedics to working in almost exclusively metropolitan areas. This would promote equity of care across the state – that is, ICP/ECPs could continue to practice as specialist paramedics at any station they move to.
  • Dedicated safe patient offload areas where paramedics can hand over patient care with safety and professionalism.
  • The appointment of a Chief Paramedic as established in other states of Australia.

ADHSU members look forward to the Inquiry adopting these proposals, as well as the other suggestions that were put to the Inquiry.