Is it time to re-think our Health Awards Structure?

NSW Health Awards need immediate reform. Before negotiations commence on the much-needed changes to conditions and classifications we need to get the basics right: the Award structure.


Currently NSW has 36 Awards and 17 determinations covering workers in NSW Health. Because of this there is lack of consistency in employment conditions which leads to different outcomes for people doing similar work.


Health professionals are lumped into awards which don’t reflect their work. This divides negotiating power because professionals are spread across several awards. So, is it time to re-think the NSW award structure?


The HSU Health Professionals Committees have endorsed investigation into the partial amalgamation of the Health Professional Awards.


Under a partial amalgamated award structure, there will be a:

  • A universal Health Conditions Award which ensures that all health workers have the same baseline employment conditions such as long service leave, COVID leave, flexible working arrangements, and status of employment provisions.
  • Five core awards, with 4 like-professional awards and a health services award. This enables a greater focus on the key demands of each of the groups while building greater collective power for negotiations.


A detailed brief and presentation on the proposed amalgamated structure have been provided below:


What do you think? If you are HSU Health Professional, send through your feedback on the proposed structure by emailing any feedback to: [E-Mail not displayed] If you work in Health Services email your feedback to [E-Mail not displayed]


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