ISLHD Allied Health Members Meeting

You are invited to a meeting of HSU Allied Health members working in ISLHD.

Two meetings will be held at different times to allow as many members as possible to attend. Please find the details below:

Meeting 1
Monday 1 July, 12pm
Microsoft Teams link
Meeting ID: 491 848 077 77
Passcode: 2z8Qsx

Meeting 2
Wednesday 3 July, 6pm
Microsoft Teams link
Meeting ID: 477 103 437 56
Passcode: EhsTeK

This meeting is an open invitation for all HSU Allied Health members to discuss a response to the Government wage offer. You can see the full offer here

HSU members are concerned the current offer for 3 years will impact Allied Health Award reform. This meeting will be to discuss the possibility of a one-year pay deal for Allied Health workers.  

Workplace meetings will be happening across all of NSW over the next fortnight to discuss this approach. After these meetings have concluded a statewide vote of allied health members will be held.