John Hunter Hospital: H1 + H2 Dispute Update

Recently, HSU members voted to implement a dispute around the current trial in H1 + H2 into over concerns with excessive rubbish and linen. HSU representatives raised these concerns with management, who replied via email and gave the below commitments in response:

  • Supernumerary nursing staff (Case Manager, Team Leader and Nurse Unit Manager) to assist with linen and rubbish between 0700hrs-1000hrs
  • Escalate to Team Leader or Nurse Unit Manager if any issues with overflowing linen or garbage in line with HNELHD Work Health and Safety Policy

On Monday the HSU Sub Branch reconvened to consider the commitments. It was resolved to reengage with the trial with the below provisos (in bold text). HealthShare has provided responses (provided verbatim in italic text.)

HealthShare provides an amended statement of duties to reflect the trial hours.
Cleaning Schedules have been updated and will be provided to affected team members.  

Clear escalation plan for weekends regarding excessive rubbish and linen.
Escalate to Team Leader or Nurse Unit Manager if any issues with overflowing linen or garbage in line with HNELHD Work Health and Safety Policy.

Cleaning audits to be done in the next two weeks and monthly thereafter with the audits to be shared with HSU and a cleaning delegate in attendance.
Arranged – direction given to include a cleaning staff member and PSS Manager to be provided audit reports.

Plan to manage unplanned leave.
Deployment Lead fills unplanned leave that is notified up until 1pm the day prior. Supervisors fill unplanned leave notified from 1pm the day prior and the day of. Clinical areas are prioritised for staff replacement including H1 and H2.

Commitment that the trial ends at the 12 week period.
As per our original notification of intent, it was estimated that this trial be in place for a period of up-to 12 weeks from the date of commencement (making it 17th December 2023). At this stage there is no intention to alter this; however, pending appropriate monitoring and assessment, this timeframe may require flexibility. If this need arises, we are committed to ensuring appropriate consultation is held. 
Our next scheduled USCC is on 14th Nov; I will ask Mandy to schedule one for the 28th Nov so we can discuss trial outcome and work through what needs to occur next.

All data collected during the trial to be shared with the HSU.
Desensitised data will be available to provided at USCC.

If you have any concerns or questions, please speak to one of your delegates.

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