Join the ACT Work Level Standards and EBA Working Committee

  • Published June 23, 2022

Your union is seeking expression of interest from ACT HSU members who want to take a leadership role in reviewing the Work Level Standards and be involved in EBA negotiations.

Why join the working group?

The working committee will be responsible for providing feedback to the HSU Industrial team in relation to proposed WLS framework and Enterprise Agreement.

The working groups will come together to:

  • Review documentation provided by ACT Health re the WLS and ACT bargaining.
  • Identify emerging issues in the industry and inform HSU Industrial Officers.
  • Consult with the wider membership about proposed changes, policies, framework, and associated documentation.
  • Determine the key changes that need to be made to relevant frameworks and Enterprise Agreement.
  • Attend meetings alongside HSU Industrial team on behalf of members.

Being a member of a working group is a rewarding experience, giving you an insight into industrial law processes and a direct say in bargaining that affects you and your colleagues.

Members of the committee will be supported by the HSU Industrial team and given advice in the rights, role, and responsibilities of being an HSU representative.

If you would like to be a part of the working group, please complete the survey below:

Survey here

Please complete the survey by COB 1 July 2022.