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HSU members have spoken loud and clear: Health awards are out of date. The NSW government’s wages policy has kept members’ pay and conditions frozen for years.

HSU members will be campaigning for modernisation of state health awards. Together, we can modernise awards to improve pay, conditions and build a fair professional classification.

Allied Health Professional members are working under awards which do not recognise the vast complexity and responsibilities of members’ work. This survey is designed to obtain authoritative data on the changes to members work and how the awards can be improved to recognise the tireless effort and work of members.  

The HSU is the union for Allied Health Professionals – the only body capable of representing worker’s interests in negotiating for an improved award for Allied Health Professionals.

Join thousands of Allied Health Professionals in completing this award survey and share the link with your colleagues who may not be union members. The more survey results we collect, the stronger our voice to bring about change.

The survey is confidential and takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

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