Kempsey Hospital: Proposed change to security duties

The Kempsey Hospital management has written to the HSU to advise extensive discussions have been held between management and HSAs regarding proposed changes to security duties at the Hospital. Management propose that:

  1. Additional HSA resourcing as a static security presence in ED is to replace the currently outsourced role with an enhancement of 1.68FTE
  2. The external security firm will undertake perimeter security patrols – no changes to current practice
  3. A proposed rotating roster for HSAs will commence on 12 July
  4. A revised statement of duties for HSAs on duty has been discussed and agreed to by HSAs, incorporating internal lockup procedures
  5. Purchase of digital communications (radios) to take place to improve communications amongst HSAs
  6. A revised duties sheet will be introduced to allow better communications and feedback from staff. 
  7. The HSU is now seeking feedback from members regarding the proposed changes. Please email [E-Mail not displayed] with your feedback by close of business Friday 9 July.

If you know someone who isn’t yet a union member, tell them that by joining they can make their voice heard. New members can join the HSU at or call 1300 478 679.