Know Your Rights: Higher Grade Duties at CHW

We know every member is currently doing their bit to support the health system and the community through these trying times, and for that we thank you.

However, it’s important to remember you still have Award rights. Your rights must be maintained even during a pandemic and we must not let management undermine them.

One common question members have recently been asking relates to your right to be paid the Higher Grade Duties (HGD) allowance.

Member have reported they have been told HGD will not be paid for a period shorter than 2 weeks, and only then if a funding source can be found. Your HSU Organiser and Industrial Officer have sighted emails from management in which this advice has been provided to members.

The Award is very clear about when you should be paid the HGD allowance and states:

“An employee who is called upon to relieve an employee in a higher classification continuously for five working days or more and who satisfactorily performs the whole of the duties and assumes the whole of the responsibilities of the higher classification shall be entitled to receive, for the period of relief, the minimum pay of such higher classification.”

If you are asked to work in a higher graded role for more than 5 continuous days and management refuse to pay you the HGD allowance, you are under no obligation to perform the higher grade duties.

If you believe you have performed higher grade duties for more than the requisite 5 days and have not received the appropriate allowance, please contact your workplace delegates or you HSU Organiser  via [E-Mail not displayed] or 0425 181 361 so we can pursue this payment on your behalf.

The HSU continues to advocate on your behalf and ensure your Award rights are protected. However, we can only do this for members. Now is a great time to remind your workmates to join the Union if they haven’t yet done so. 

Joining is easy: visit, call 1300 478 679 or complete a membership form here and return it to your Organiser.