Laverty HSU members: What pay rise do you deserve?

Please see below for two important invitations and updates: 
1. Members’ Meeting: What’s a fair wage? 

All members are invited to our next HSU members’ meeting. We have some important decisions to make as Laverty-Healius continues to withhold a pay rise offer. They are asking us to reconsider our initial claim of wage increases to meet rising costs of living, and remuneration that reflects all the hard work we’ve done during the pandemic. 
Date: Wednesday 28th of September, 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM 
Zoom link:  
Meeting ID: 846 8381 3826 
2. Tell Your Story!  

What’s it been like to work for Laverty-Healius? If you want to share your story, please fill out this survey: 
We will not share any personal or identifying information from this survey. 
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