Liverpool Hospital Kitchen Update

Recently, members contacted the HSU to raise concerns regarding the new kitchen at Liverpool. Over the past few weeks, your union representatives have been trying to meet with all parties responsible to discuss a way forward with the issues. Due to conflicting availabilities, a meeting has not yet eventuated. However, management has provided the HSU with an update on some of the issues below:

  • Water pipe/system (in response to Water filtration system in front of a live power point in the prep area) - MPX and their team have confirmed that the water filtration system is an enclosed unit with no exposed sections that will allow any water to escape and therefore they have noted that there is minimal risk of water contacting the power point. Additionally, MPX are making a custom cover for the system to provide further protection.
  • The Ventilation system/air sock for the sandwich prep (in response to Unsuitable ventilation in the prep area) – the project team have provided the maintenance and supporting information to HealthShare. A meeting was held this week to discuss the issues and HealthShare and the LHAP team will be meeting on site to discuss a way forward next week.
  • Tugs – the LHAP team are procuring new tugs. We are currently awaiting a delivery date.

The HSU is working to arrange a Union Specific Consultative Committee to work through these issues and any others that may arise. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact HSU Member Services on 1300 478 679 or email your HSU Organiser via [E-Mail not displayed].

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