Long Jetty Hospital Redeployment Update

The HSU recently met with CCLHD management to further discuss the re-purposing of Long Jetty Hospital and redeployment of staff.

The District stated they will endeavour to maintain present rostering arrangements. While stability is important, there may be a desire for some staff to alter their patterns due to personal circumstances, and given different travel arrangements etc.

Management has also confirmed that all pre-approved leave will be honoured.

The intended duration of redeployment is 6 months with the possibility of extension, to be guided by the outcome of a review which will commence in the final month. This will be influenced by the COVID situation.

If any HSU member is experiencing exceptional difficulties in being redeployed, the LHD will consider other alternatives.

Management has advised all members impacted by the change have been issued with official letters. This means that if you haven’t received a letter, you are not affected. There is no word yet as to what COVID support services will be operating at this stage.

Members will be informed as soon as any more information comes to light. If you have any concerns or difficulties, please contact your organiser Matt Ramsay at [E-Mail not displayed].

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