Lumus EA Negotiations have kicked off - Have your say!

Lumus EA negotiations have commenced, with the first meeting already taking place. Our second round is taking place Wednesday, 18 May 2022.

HSU are aiming to better engage with our members throughout the bargaining process. If you haven’t filed out the survey yet, you can still have your say here:

You can view the log of claims the HSU has submitted at this link. Our log of claims is a list of all the things we want to see improved in our new enterprise agreement. If you wish to raise additional claims, complete the survey above.

All members are encouraged to attend a special HSU meeting next Wednesday 25 May at 6:00pm to provide an update on bargaining so far.

This meeting will be online via Zoom and members can join the meeting at this link:

Meeting ID: 941 3585 9876
Passcode: 4FNEUB

If your colleagues are not yet HSU members, encourage them to join today so that they can participate in this important meeting. New members can join online at or by calling 1300 478 679.