Lumus Imaging Bargaining Update

HSU representatives met with Lumus/Healius representatives on Wednesday 1 June to continue negotiating your new EBA. Here are selected updates from the meeting:

  • Lumus is yet to produce a wage increase offer. Lumus’ representatives are indicating that it may take some time before they can come to the table with definite wage increase figures. The HSU responded that we need to have definite figures on the table if we are to discuss wages in earnest.
  • Lumus is proposing to cut on-call rates. The HSU’s position is that we cannot accept any cuts to on-call; as it stands, we will not take a backward step on any components of our members’ take-home pay.
  • Lumus has rejected the possibility of site-specific EA provisions for the Northern Beaches Hospital location. However, we continue to make the case for ‘scoping’ based on disparate operational needs.
  • The HSU pushed for greater transparency around Lumus’ new definitions for cluster imaging sites. We are demanding more information before a discussion of this matter can begin proper.
  • The HSU reiterated the need for better allowances, at least on par with comparable companies and organisations.

If you want to get more involved in this EBA campaign, please contact your organiser Brendan Roberts via [E-Mail not displayed]. You can also reach out to your colleagues who may be bargaining representatives – please ask Brendan if you don’t know who they are.

The next bargaining meeting is Wednesday 15 June. Brendan and your Bargaining Officer, Elizabeth Kennett, will continue to be in touch with updates.