Maitland industrial action

HSU members at Maitland have endorsed work bans based on the current unreasonable wages and Salary Packaging.

Please find below the HSU member-endorsed work bans:

  • Undertaking duties or tasks that do not comply with NSW Health Policy
  • Undertaking duties or tasks that do not comply with Award descriptions for their relevant classifications
  • Undertaking any tasks general or otherwise, that are routinely performed by nursing staff
  • Moving non-ambulant patients without a nurse escort
  • Undertaking any unpaid overtime
  • Delivering general stores to wards across NSW Health facilities
  • Cleaning any non-clinical area
  • Chasing debtor details of any patient that accesses treatment as inpatients or outpatients in NSW Health facilities
  • Not be accepting or processing any government funded concessions (eg oral health vouchers)
  • Assisting, relieving or working with any non-health workers in any NSW Health facility
  • Undertaking any duties that they have not received adequate training for or feel confident or competent in undertaking until adequate training is provided and competencies are signed by certified trainers and the individual member.
  • Exercising their right to not undertake duties that are subjected to payment of allowances
  • Claiming any time worked outside of normal rostered hours on any shift as paid overtime and not time off in lieu (TOIL)