Manning Base industrial action

HSU members at Manning Base Hospital have endorsed work bans based on the current unreasonable wages and salary packaging.

Please find below the HSU member-endorsed work bans: 

  • Not cleaning of any non-clinical areas
  • Complete one less infectious/COVID clean per member per shift (eg if 4 are required they will complete 3)
  • No discharge cleans
  • No late meal delivery to wards
  • No menu delivery, refer to patients default menus 
  • No billing activities
  • No Allied Health Patient activity data
  • Not answering emails and have out of office reply (am currently taking part in HSU Industrial action)
  • Not provide discharge dispensing of medications by pharmacy members
  • Not deliver pharmacy stock to imprest (Pharmacy members will scan and pack only)
  • No linen or rubbish collection in theatres
  • No linen collection along the wards on each floor
  • Not taking non-admitted patients to xray/radiology
  • Answer phone calls, divert phones to line manager by members where no patient is at risk 

These actions will last for 24 hours commencing at 0000 hours 31 of May 2023. 

Please contact the HSU Head Office on 1300 478 679 if you have any further questions.