Mass meetings at your local hospital - have your say

For years HSU members have been advocating for genuine Award reform including funding for Health Professionals.

Health Professionals are constantly required to work long unpaid hours, manage more patients with less staff, forego real pay increases, and work under out-of-date awards.

HSU members have had enough. For the sake of our communities and patients, we need up-to-date awards, real pay increases, and safe workloads. Our health system cannot operate on goodwill alone.

If we don’t advocate collectively for ourselves, no one else will.

Join with HSU members across the state and attend your local union meeting about pay and conditions in NSW Health.

Over the last 12 months, your HSU Industrial Committees - including Allied Health, Psychology, MRS, Hospital Scientists, and many more - have worked tirelessly to develop proposals to fix the current crisis.

The new government made many promises while in opposition but hasn’t actioned any. The government promised the HSU:

  • Removal of the wages cap.
  • Salary Packaging at 100%.
  • Updating Health Awards.
  • A Royal Commission into NSW Health.

It’s been over 2 months since the new Government gained power, but they have taken no action.

Health Professionals must make our voices heard. The HSU is running hospital-based mass meetings over the coming weeks for all members to show the government they must act immediately.

Health Professionals must play a role! Profession-specific work will continue to finalise our claims for Award reform and fixing staffing, but right now we must speak with a united and strong collective voice in our hospitals.

Keep your eyes out in the coming weeks for information about the time and date of your local hospital’s mass meeting. Come along and bring your friends – it’s our time to make a change.

If you know someone who isn’t an HSU member, encourage them to join our Union today. We are always stronger when we stand together.

New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.