Minister agrees to postponed meeting on professional rates, Wednesday also postponed

  • Published June 28, 2021
  • Industries

As reported, at last Friday’s stop work ADHSU members endorsed a series of bans that cease on the morning of July 1 (at the completion of the previous evening’s night shifts), and, an escalation for 24 hours on Wednesday (banning all jobs except 1As, Bs, Cs, and 2Is). However, the day of escalation would be lifted if the Treasurer/Health Minister agrees to a meeting regarding professional pay, and how it will be funded.

We have been contacted by the Health Minister, who agreed to a meeting but suggested it needs to be in two weeks or so given the COVID lockdown and community transmission in NSW.

On that basis, and how it might play out if action were to go ahead in the middle of widening community transmission, Wednesday’s day of action has been cancelled (it can be voted on again in another stop work meeting).

Again, Wednesday’s 24 hour bans on all jobs below a 2I are cancelled.

All other pay related bans (listed below), continue to the morning of July 1 (at the completion of the previous evening’s night shifts).

  1. No eMRs – Paramedics will only complete PHCRs and not include case numbers or debtor details. Only include Patient’s name and DOB. Aeromedical: Electronic AirMaestro Paramedic Mission Debrief Forms (PMDF) – Green and pink copies not to be handed in at station unless there is medication administration or interventions – hand in grey patient copy to hospital. (Sample industrial action PHCR here)
  2. No shift movements in Metro Sydney (fluid deployment as a double crew excepted).
  3. No shift movements in Regional, except where the Service can demonstrate they have exhausted staff availability from MyShift (ADHSU members encouraged to put their name down for OT).
  4. No P5s – patients are to be transported to hospital.
  5. No R7s – no discharges or “hot swaps” (unless it suits staff for fatigue management).
  6. No non-urgent / routine transfers between facilities (that is, cases that would normally be done by PTS / HealthShare).
  7. No single responses (designated single operators excluded as per current IRC recommendation).

We must be careful not to let COVID slow our momentum in fighting the pay freeze and professional pay. That being said, we will survey members after July 1 to ascertain how much they want to continue with the aggressive fight or to reduce the tempo slightly while the pandemic is back in the community.