Morisset Hospital industrial action

Tomorrow health workers across NSW are taking industrial action.  

Health workers know why – it’s time for a pay rise. It’s time to put an end to this Government stealing half of your salary packaging benefits. It’s time for an increase to superannuation. It’s time to fix out of date Awards. 

It’s been two months. But this Government has been silent on pay for health workers.  

Enough is enough. Tomorrow, Morisset members are taking action. The below actions will run from 00:01-23:59 Wednesday 31 May:

  • No cleaning of non-clinical areas.
  • No servicing of linen
  • Only replacing paper towels and toilet rolls
  • No hot meals
  • Meals to be served on disposable cutlery
  • Security/HASA to only attend codes/duresses (still maintain presence in surveillance)
  • All phone calls to be transferred to nursing station 

There will also be four hour stop work meeting from 10:00-14:00 on the day.

This Government needs to hear us loud and clear: it’s time for action now.