Negotiations Unsuccessful - Industrial Action Continues Despite IRC Orders

  • Published June 9, 2021
  • Industries

Last-ditch negotiations with the NSW Treasurer have not yielded a result. As such, action is going ahead full steam. ADHSU has been ordered to cease Industrial Action by the IRC. The HSU will back in members and defy orders to protect members’ right to fight for a fair wage after years of being undervalued.

The Industrial Action starts on the first day shift June 10. The action continues for 24 hours.

The action remains as follows: No ADHSU member is to respond to any job unless it is a 1A, 1B, or 1C or carry out activities related to access block.

An updated FAQ has just been published (please see the link here). Please take the opportunity to read it before tomorrow as it answers questions surrounding your Industrial Action.

HSU members are to use the following script tomorrow:

Sign on

‘Good morning officers X and Y in car 123. HSU members who will be taking part in industrial bans today.’

Throughout the shift

‘Thanks control, but you have given me a job that HSU has banned today, I'm an HSU member and will honour that ban. I remain available to respond to 1As, 1Bs, and 1Cs.’

Please note, ADHSU has entered into an informal arrangement with NSWA to keep our phones open for the whole 24 hours. The arrangement will allow the parties to consider one-off jobs that may require a response but aren’t 1Cs or above, if there are no other resources nearby that are not participating in the Industrial Action – for example, a patient suffering extreme pain for extended periods without this arrangement being in place.

This would only occur in rural and remote settings where all stations in the area are HSU. We do not envisage that this situation will occur more than 10 or so times throughout the whole action.

You are protected by the HSU, it is legal to express your industrial rights!

We wish you well for taking this gutsy stand against a very unfair pay freeze.