Nepean Hospital Bargaining Representative: Please resubmit your vote

As a member of the HSU, your say in how you are represented on Award Reform is critical.

It has come to our attention that there were some issues with the online voting system used in the recent election of your local representatives for the Award Reform State Bargaining Committee.

To ensure that the vote reflects the views of all members at Nepean Hospital, we will be conducting the vote for a second time.

Nine union members from Nepean Hospital have nominated to be on the Award Reform State Bargaining Committee. Nepean Hospital is entitled to four representatives, so you are invited to vote for who you would like as your bargaining representatives.

Please note that three candidates have withdrawn their nominations since the last vote.

Here are your candidates:

  1. Nicholas Antonakiou is a Wardsperson. Nicholas would like fair duties and decent pay bargaining.
  2. Kim Leanne Ashard is an Administration Officer. Kim would like to focus on being paid in line with experience and skills.
  3. Gary Bradford works in General Services. Gary would like to focus on safety.
  4. Bruce Charles is a Senior Operations Assistant. Bruce is the President of the HSU Nepean Sub-Branch. Bruce would like to see an improvement to the culture of NSW Health.
  5. Heather Crofts is a Sterilisation and Infection Control Coordinator in Dental. Heather would like to see clear structures around pay and progression, allowances for supervision and staff working out of dental vans, clarity of job roles, relocation allowances for those with multiple jobs and fair wages.
  6. Alexander Grant is a Radiation Therapist Supervisor. Alexander would like to see a revision of Medical Regulation Scientist level structure, increased years of progression for base grade staff, improved opportunities for personal advancement and an adjustment of pay scales to reflect expanded responsibilities and skills as well as to make NSW competitive with other states and the private sector to stem the exodus of skilled professionals.
  7. Amber Gravino is an Operations Assistant. Amber is the Vice-President of the HSU Nepean Sub-Branch. Amber would like to focus on leave and pay entitlements, as well as improved position classifications to stop management extending our duties beyond what is acceptable.
  8. Michael Griffin is a Senior Operations Assistant. Michael wants to look at back pay for infection and dirty linen allowances, parking issues, and safety of staff and patients.
  9. Ellie Hart is a Radiographer. Ellie would like to see equity between pay and conditions for employees doing the same work.

The vote will close at 5pm on Friday 9 February.

Bargaining representatives will:

  • Attend state-wide committee meetings to discuss the negotiations and state-wide campaign strategy.
  • Report back to HSU members their worksite on how negotiations are going.
  • Be able to nominate as one of the 15 members of the state-wide bargaining committee who will form the negotiation team.