NETS members to commence negotiations for a new Award

  • Published March 6, 2024
  • Industries

HSU members working at Emergency Vehicle Operators (EVOs) for Newborn and Paediatric Emergency Transport Service (NETS) represent a vital piece of NSW Health’s strategy, ensuring medical teams are able to get to some of the state’s most critically ill babies and transporting the team, baby and their families to hospitals and medical facilities. As the HSU moves towards a huge overhaul of outdated awards, it’s time to look at NETS EVOs to have their say.

HSU members at NETS have made it clear that remaining on the generic Health Employees' Conditions of Employment (State) Award (HE Award) is not properly acknowledging the specific contribution of EVOs. To remedy this, NETS EVOs have chosen to push forward with a new award. Members have looked to the way that the HealthShare PTO Award functions as an inspiration for how a new EVO award would work. For context, HS PTOs are similarly covered by the HE Award, but have their own specific award that sits under the umbrella of the HE Award. EVOs could similarly have their own specific award, that still refers back to the HE Award, while acknowledging the specifics of the role.

Some work has already occurred in the award space, with members discussing early ideas for award improvements. However, now is the moment to start formalising discussions by putting together an award reform committee. The committee will meet to share and refine ideas from members – this small but mighty membership needs a maximum of 5-6 people to sit on this committee. Put your hand up to be part of the change by emailing the Organiser [E-Mail not displayed] with NETS COMMITTEE in the subject line. The committee will aim to meet in person before the end of the month.