Southern IML Update

  • Published December 17, 2020

Old Individual Flexibility Agreements

The HSU has become aware of some old Individual Flexibility Agreements that have been signed by staff. You may have signed one years ago.

Have you signed something that looked this this? It may not be about your part time hours. It could have changed your regular hours of work, your overtime entitlements or anything else in the award.


Individual Flexibility Agreements must leave you better off that you would have been under the award. If you remember signing something like this it is imperative that you contact your organiser Roy ASAP. You are likely being short changed and the union can help you have the agreement revoked.

Health and Safety Representatives

Considering the wealth of safety concerns affecting HSU members at Southern IML it is imperative that workers have someone on their side. Someone who’s focused on keeping them safe, not ensuring the companies profits. Health and Safety Representatives (HSR’s) are elected by you and their rights and powers are enshrined in the WHS Act. Unlike representatives appointed by the company, HSR’s can enforce the WHS Act by issuing improvement notices and putting a ban on dangerous work. HSR’s are appointed by workers, for workers through an election and are accountable to you, not the boss.

Sound like something you could do? Get in touch with your organiser Roy if you have any questions.