Grad Part-Timers: Vote on Potential Industrial Action

  • Published December 17, 2020
  • Industries


As you know, NSWA is looking to bring in a ‘trial’ where they will give paramedicine graduates a take it or leave it offer of a permanent part time job. Yes, the miss treatment of graduates continues.

As we said in our Monday newsletter, this represents a major restructure in the way employment operates in NSWA, that is, while some jobs are part time, members in these part time jobs maintain a legal ability to revert to full time if they wish. Employing grads on a part time only basis is a different story and will lead to another generation of ‘roster fodder’.

Despite what NSW’s all staff emails say, there has been zero consultation with ADHSU on this subject to date. We still haven’t received a proposal in writing.

We think NSWA will attempt to implement this restructure in the coming days so we should be as ready as possible for a massive fight.

This restructure is big enough to warrant full stop work meetings and other stoppages if need be.

Please take a moment to respond to this short survey on the type of action that you would be willing to take if and when we need to fight.

We will give members another opportunity to vote before any action that has the potential to affect patient safety. Any action will leave a contingency in place to deal with emergencies.

Vote link:

In unity,

Gerard Hayes

Secretary, HSU NSW/ACT/QLD