ADHSU members meeting to discuss Professional Recognition campaign

  • Published December 2, 2022

ADHSU members have called an urgent All Member Meeting to discuss the direction of the Professional Recognition Campaign and review the TV advertisement.

We will also discuss the broader HSU-wide campaign to Fix NSW Health, calling for a Royal Commission into where the Health dollar is being spent. It appears too much of the roughly one third of the state budget currently being spent on health goes into the pockets of too few – rather than being used to ensure health workers receive pay that reflects the work they do.

While future action is not off the table, this is not a stop-work meeting and members who are on duty will need to attend cases if responded. 

The meeting will take place at 0700 hours next Monday 5 December via Zoom can be accessed via this link:

It is important that all members attend this meeting to set the direction of the campaign for professional recognition and wages.