Tamworth Hospital - Asbestos testing in Painters' Shop

The HSU has recently raised concerns of asbestos being found within the Painters’ shop at Tamworth Hospital.  This issue was brought to the attention of the HSU by members and the Tamworth Sub Branch.  The issue was discussed at the most recent Staff Consultative Committee (SCC) meeting and a meeting with management ensued. 

The HSU has received subsequent correspondence from management outlining what action had occurred relating to testing for asbestos in the affected area.  The HSU has also been supplied a number of documents pertaining to test results by management following the meetings last week.

The HSU advises any member who may possibly have been involved in the removal of the flooring within the painters’ shop to report the contact to management and to seek testing.  Management reports that initial screening has commenced for workers. 

The steps that management reportedly have undertaken are as below:

  1. When concerns were raised about the possibility that there was asbestos in the flooring, a sample was sent away for testing and the room was isolated and warning signs were placed on the door.
  2. An asbestos removal contractor was engaged to safely remove material and clean the room.
  3. A hygienist was engaged to conduct air sampling.
  4. A further sample was sent away for testing and the result was negative.
  5. A certificate was obtained from the removal company which certified:

-A notification form was not required because the material removed area was less than 10m2
-The area is safe to occupy
-It notes the presence of asbestos lagging around pipework in the room, as does the asbestos register, but the lagging is intact and therefore no risk in its current stat

6. he staff concerned were seen by our WHS co-ordinator and sent for baseline testing with regular monitoring to occur in accordance with guidelines.

The reports are also available for viewing by clicking on this link.  Members are encouraged to contact your sub branch committee members if you have further concerns.

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In unity, 

Gerard Hayes