Southern IML Update

Cancellation of Site Visits

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 cluster in Sydney your HSU organiser Roy will not be able to attend site visits at Southern IML until further notice. You can contact him on 0409 393 295.

We encourage all HSU members to follow any advice on safety precautions in your workplace. 

If you need further support or advice you can call us on 1300 478 679 or email [E-Mail not displayed] with any issues.

Unpaid Overtime Dispute

Today, your organiser Roy formally wrote to Southern IML management to start the process of a formal dispute to recoup unpaid overtime for part time staff who worked in excess of their contracted hours. The HSU will meet with IML management in the new year in the hope of coming to an agreement.

The HSU will be seeking restitution for our members and ensuring that not one cent goes unpaid.

If you’re a part timer who works/ed more than your contracted hours at any stage within the last six years it is imperative that you email [E-Mail not displayed] so that he can keep track of who is owed money.

A safe and fair workplace is only achievable with strong union membership, forward this newsletter to your colleagues and encourage your workmates to join online or phone 1300 478 679

In unity, 

Gerard Hayes