NNSWLHD Clinical Coder Progression

Please find attached the latest correspondence from the LHD regarding the Clinicals Coder progression here.

The LHD has agreed to the HSU’s Feedback to the inclusion of a new position Level 4 Advanced Clinical Coder – AO6 that is available to all Clinical Coders at all sites.

The gradings are now as followed;

Level 1 Trainee Clinical Coder – AO3
Level 2 Clinical Coder – AO4
Level 3 Senior Clinical Coder – AO5
Level 4 Advanced Clinical Coder – AO6 (new)
Coding Team Leader – HM1

The LHD has advised the HSU that they want to move to advertising the 2 HM1 Positions and are will if needed to continue to consult with the HSU Members about the other positions.

Please continue to provide feedback on the proposal and if you are happy for it to proceed to HSU Organiser Peter Kelly via email [E-Mail not displayed] by close of business 23 December 2020.

The HSU will then review and if needed ask for consultation to resume next year.

We can only make industrial arguments with strong union membership. If you know someone who is affected but isn’t yet a member of the Union, encourage them to join today. New members should join online at www.hsu.asn.au/join or call 1300 478 679.

In Unity

Gerard Hayes