Regents Park COVID Outbreak: Resolutions Passed by HSU Members

As many of you will have heard by now, at least one member of staff at Regents Park has tested positive for COVID-19. HSU PTS members held a snap union meeting today to discuss what to do regarding the fact that members are being asked by HealthShare to present for testing and complete their shifts whilst still awaiting results. As this is different advice from the regular protocols for those requiring testing, the HSU has been in direct contact with the Ministry of Health to seek clarity and advice.

The following resolutions were passed unanimously by HSU members at the meeting:

1.      This meeting of HSU Health Share PTS workers are concerned about the recent workplace COVID transmission(s), and we are worried that the infected vans have not been COVID cleaned and the depot was not COVID cleaned until last night. We are now being told to get tested and return to work while waiting for results. This seems unsafe for ourselves and our patients. We will stand off/not attend work until we return a negative test OR, the public health office (Dr Chant or her delegate) informs us that it is safe to work while awaiting results. This action is in force immediately and covers those HSU members who have been asked to be tested by HealthShare only, that is, not those in other hubs that have not been identified as being part of this outbreak. 

2.      This meeting of HSU PTS workers is angry that the Regents Park facility wasn’t immediately closed the moment management became aware our colleague was positive. This is a breach of trust and we demand a full and transparent investigation into why the facility wasn’t shut immediately.

So, to reiterate, until Dr Chant’s office responds saying it is okay for PTOs who have been identified as possible contacts to return to work after being tested and still waiting test results, do not attend work until a negative test has been received.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the HSU Members Service Division on: 1300 478 679.

Stop press: Dr Chant’s office is organising a video call to HSU members affected by the above for 1630 today.

In Unity,

Gerard Hayes