Update – Consultation about Permanent Part Time Graduate Recruitment

  • Published January 7, 2021
  • Industries


In late December ADHSU members voted to put on Industrial Action in response to NSW Ambulance failing to provide any kind of consultation documents in relation to the radical change to graduate employment.

As a reminder, NSW Ambulance is proposing a ‘trial’ to hire 16 part-time graduates at Liverpool and Artarmon station. Obviously the ADHSU has A LOT of questions.  ADHSU representative wrote to NSW Ambulance on 4 occasions, twice on 10 December, once on 24 December and once on 29 December asking for information about at least some of the following questions:

-          The purpose of the trial

-          The business case for the trial

-          A risk assessment for the proposed structure (including both risks posed to the trainees and trainers)

-          The effect on the education structure for the trainees

-          The beginning and end date of the ‘trial’

-          The adjudication procedure of the ‘trial’ (including which staff will be assessing it and how they will be selected to make these assessments)

-          The success and failure markers of the ‘trial’

-          The proposed roster changes at the affected stations and information about the meetings that are to occur with workers during work time (i.e, dates, location, communications, timeframes etc)

Yesterday, less than one week before ADHSU representatives are supposed to meet with NSWA about our position on the matter, we received the attached draft FAQ document.

Senior delegates consider this document wholly insufficient to commence consultation next week.

Do you agree?

Please provide your feedback on the document and whether you think this FAQ is good enough for ADHSU representatives to commence consultation. Email [E-Mail not displayed].