Canberra Hospital Meeting

  • Published February 2, 2021

On Friday the 29th of January, the ACT Chief Health Minister, Rachel Stephen-Smith visited Canberra Hospital to meet with HSU Members from Patient Support Services.

During the 90-minute meeting, the Minister acknowledged and listened intently to members concerns and issues raised by HSU Organiser, Mark Jay and Adam Hall.

The Minister was supportive of the issues raised by members and has committed to working closely with HSU members to achieve positive outcomes, now and well into the future.

Never underestimate the strength and commitment from the HSU in fighting for better working conditions and building relationships with Chief Ministers to ensure positive outcomes for all our members.

Know someone who hasn’t yet joined the HSU? Tell them to take the plunge today! We can only defend your rights and provide support with a strong union membership and density within your Health facility. New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.

In unity,

Gerard Hayes

Secretary, HSU NSW/ACT/QLD