Underpayment of Part Time Employees at Southern IML

Underpayment of Part Time Employees

The HSU has been made aware that Southern IML has begun the process of calculating underpayments for part time employees and some members have been contacted. Although the HSU welcomes this process currently management are presenting estimates of hours owed to staff on scrap pieces of paper, covered in mark ups and asking them to sign. This isn’t good enough.

HSU representatives have written to senior management to request that in the future, correspondence to staff regarding this issue be on official letterhead, signed by a member of senior management and that it includes a written explanation and acknowledgement of what is happening.

If Southern fails to act, they could be in breach of their agreement with the HSU and we may proceed to the FWC as per the dispute Resolution procedures of the award.

Break Times – Per the Award

The HSU has been made aware that many of you are not taking your ten minute breaks. As per the award, employees are to be provided with a ten minute break for every four hours of work. See the below excerpt from the award:

15.2 Paid tea breaks

(a) Every employee will be entitled to a paid 10 minute tea break in each 4 hours worked at a time to be agreed between the employer and employee.

(b) Subject to agreement between the employer and employee, such breaks may be taken as one 20 minute tea break.

(c) Tea breaks will be counted as time worked.”

It is the employers responsibility to ensure that you can take these breaks.

If you are consistently not being offered your ten minute breaks you should contact your HSU organiser immediately.

In Unity,

Gerard Hayes