New Pathology Collection Centre to open in Umina Beach

The HSU has received correspondence from NSW Health Pathology North regarding the opening of a new collection centre on a temporary basis in Umina Beach. The correspondence can be viewed at this link.

The HSU has already asked some operational questions around security and leave relief. The questions (in bold) and the responses can be found below:

  • Are there duress systems installed? The collector will wear a duress alarm around his/her neck at all times. We have recently implemented this at our collection room at West Gosford and are happy with the service (testing) provided by Chubb. The collector at West Gosford asked for this type of device personally and is most grateful for the added level of protection it provides knowing that sound is immediately monitored by Chubb.
  • How will Code Black procedures work? Thank you for asking about that as it has now prompted me to enquire as to the practice’s plans for code black/duress across the centre as a threat could materialise in a number of locations.
  • Use of the device plus the ability to lock collection room and call 000 would be our response to a code black.
  • Whereabouts in Umina will this facility operate? The facility is Providence Medical centre West St Umina. West St is the main road through Umina and major business precinct. It is quite crowded with shoppers and cafes. To me this is preferable to being in an isolated back street.
  • What is the approximate date to go live? Approximate go live is mid May.
  • Can you provide more information about self relieving, such as managing workloads if one staff member is on leave, what risks a solo staff member might be exposed to etc? In the event of one of the 2 collectors being on leave, first option is to offer the other collector the extra hours. Second option would be to ask for a volunteer from existing collection pool at Gosford. Third option would be contingent relieve from Hays Recruitment. I have already approached Hays as we deal with them for admin relieve already. 

The HSU is now seeking feedback from members. Please send your feedback to Industrial Organiser Matt Ramsay at [E-Mail not displayed] by COB 16 April.