Northern Control members to commence industrial action, demanding extra control board

  • Published May 16, 2023
  • Industries

ADHSU members in Northern Control have had enough of the broken promises from NSWA on getting hardworking dispatchers the support they need. At the State JCC meeting with NSWA, ADHSU delegates requested a deadline for splitting the busy Newcastle board (and creating an extra board). The deadline to provide this timeline to ADHSU members was Thursday 11 May. That deadline has come and gone.  

Meanwhile, Control members have continued to struggle to ensure that patients get ambulances when they need them. Members cannot continue to work under these conditions. 

Over the weekend members voted on initial bans, with an overwhelming majority in favour. Until NSWA can provide members with a reasonable date or timeframe dispatchers will not complete the Control Resourcing Electronic Worksheet system (CREWs) - 87% in favour; not do a verbal sign on - 94% in favour, not do DPR or SPR callout codes - 94% in favour. Supervisors will not stamp supervisor authorised callouts, escalate hospital delays and won’t use Sharepoint.  

These bans continue until Northern Control delegates receive a response on this issue from NSWA.  

The bans will enable members to concentrate on the more important job of dispatching ambulances to the public.