NSW Health Pathology: Gunnedah Hospital Blood Collection Service

In January this year, HSU members brought to our attention that NSW Health Pathology was introducing a new Blood Collecting service at Gunnedah Hospital without any consultation with the HSU or its members.

Following this, NSW Health Pathology acknowledged they did not follow proper process and agreed to meet with the Union to discuss our concerns. The minutes from this meeting are at this link.

NSW Health Pathology has provided the information below in relation to the proposed services:

I am able to confirm that NSWHP was approached by HNE Health to provide collection services to replace those services that are currently being provided by Laverty Pathology. There is no indication that the establishment of this service will have any impact to current staff. If there are matters that relate to HNELHD, any such concerns would need to be directed to HNELHD.

I can confirm that NSWHP initiated recruitment to be able to provide a collection service effective as at 26 April 2021 to replace Laverty Pathology without disruption to services. The hours of operation provide for 4 hours per day 7 days per week with the hours of operation determined through discussions with HNELHD.

  • Hours of operations 8:00am-12, 7 days per week
  • .74 FTE allocated plus relief
  • Anticipated to be shared across part-time staff x 2 or 3 employees.
  • All collection staff per organisational chart are managed from Tamworth Collection Services Supervisor

In addition, they have also confirmed:

  • There will be no on-call requirements of NSWHP Staff in the provision of the 7 day a week service at Gunnedah.
  • It is not expected that relief will be required from Tamworth Collections Staff

Please send any additional feedback relating to this matter by next Thursday 11 March 2021. Please send your concerns to [E-Mail not displayed].