NSW Legislative Council inquiry into consulting services

Congratulations to the thousands of HSU members who have taken a stand for a better NSW Health. We know there are lots of issues facing workers in health, which is why we need a Royal Commission urgently.  

One of the concerns is around the use of consulting services.  

The NSW Parliament has announced an inquiry into the use and management of consulting services. If you’re interested you can see the terms of reference here.

We know some LHDs utilise consultants in various capacities and we would ask members to please provide us with details of the use of consultants. Specifically we would seek feedback on what services the consultants are providing, how were these services provided previously, how long they have been in place, how many consultants and any knowledge of costs to the LHD? 

Your feedback will inform the HSU submission to the Public Accountability and Works Committee who are dealing with this inquiry.  Please send your feedback to Adam Hall, Political Division Secretary at [E-Mail not displayed] before Monday 10th July 2023.

We have a unique chance to change NSW Health for the better. If you have a workmate who hasn’t joined their union, they can sign up here or www.hsu.asn.au/join or call 1300 478 679