NSWA Admits Consultation Doesn't Matter: PPT Grads Update & Day of Action

  • Published February 10, 2021
  • Industries

On 28 January, HSU delegates supported briefly pausing bans to attend a meeting with NSWA about the proposal to recruit permanent part-time graduates. The only reason we met with the Service was because they finally provided the formal proposal document we asked for last year. 

At this meeting, NSWA informed HSU representatives that they plan on going ahead with the proposal regardless of feedback from HSU members. The start date for this group of part-time grads is set for the 26 April 2021.   

HSU delegates will no longer be attending any meetings with the Service on this issue. 
In response to NSWA’s blatant disregard for consultation provisions and attack on workers there will be a union DAY of ACTION on 26 February.  (more details to come, save the date) 

Some key points to be aware of if this “proposal” goes ahead: 

  • Mentors will have the responsibility of training 2 part-time trainees in one 4 shift block. That means the mentor will have to keep track of the progress of two trainees on alternating shifts. This is a huge increase in workload, responsibility and risk.  
  • Drop shift overtime goes to part-time staff first. This means that part-time trainees will be selected for over-time before full-time staff.  
  • NSWA cannot commit to whether the program will only remain as 16 positions in the future.  This means the program will likely expand.  
  • Trainees will be forced onto half income.  They also might not be able to get secondary employment approved.  

We reject this proposal in its entirety.

Instead of properly maintaining rosters, working with the union to secure a professional wage and protecting workers’ rights, the Service simply seeks to cut costs at the expense of its workforce.

February 26th will kick off a year of major campaigning.  

Each action, no matter how big or small, will be part of our ongoing fight to achieve:  

  1. Professional Wages 
  2. Adequate Resources  
  3. Fairer conditions  
  4. Job security for all current and future employees 

If you want to get involved or are looking for more information about the year ahead, get in touch with your local delegate or contact [E-Mail not displayed].