Operational Ambulance Managers & non-paramedic Control Centre Officers: Have your say

  • Published August 11, 2023
  • Industries


Non-paramedic Control Centre Officers in NSW and managers on the Operational Managers Award have a decision to make.

Last month, ADHSU paramedics voted to REJECT the NSW government’s offer of a 4% pay rise. As paramedics continue fighting on road and at rallies in front of Premier’s office to win professional recognition for paramedics in NSW, members who are non-paramedic Control Centre Officers and those who are on the Operational Managers Award will not stand to gain in the same way.

Delegates are now taking the opportunity to ensure the voices of those ADHSU members who may have felt forgotten in the last vote are heard. Members who are not involved directly with professional pay should have the opportunity to vote on whether they would like to accept the 4% pay offer or reject it and keep fighting.

Remember to specify your role and location as the other purpose of this survey is also to ensure proper union mapping in these areas, for better communication with the specific groups going forward.


The awards are up for review next week and it’s imperative for these groups to have their say as soon as possible.